Folex Carpet Cleaner And Spot Remover review

It can be a nightmare sometimes when cleaning tough stains on carpets. Spills from cranberry juice stains from red wine you just name it. There is nothing more reassuring than to see even the peskiest stain out of our carpet. The Folex carpet cleaner doesn’t just remove stains from carpeting, it can be used for stains on fabrics. In this review of the Folex carpet spot cleaner we are going to look at what the folex carpet cleaner is, why it is different from every other carpet spot cleaner on the shelf.

Folex instant carpet spot cleaner is a water based carpet cleaner which means it uses water as a core ingredient in it’s mixture to clean stains unlike other cleaners that use solvents or oil which can be toxic while leaving behind sticky stains that can damage your carpet backing.

Folex is a non-ionic carpet cleaner. By non-ionic it means it does not attract dirt and dust from the surrounding environment. It is also an emulsifying agent that breaks up stains so that it can easily be cleaned off by blotting. I would say the name Folex “carpet cleaner” can be a misapplied term because Folex doesn’t just clean stains on carpeting, it can clean a good many types of carpet Clothing, Draperies, Car Interiors, Walls, Woodwork, Floors and upholstery stains. Some of which include Crayon stains, Inks stain, Auto Oil, Dirt, Pet stains, Tea, Fireplace Soot, Household, Grease, Potting Soil, Blood, Food Oil, Ketchup, Urine, Coffee, Fruit Juice Lipstick stains and the list goes on.


Is Folex Carpet Cleaner An Enzyme cleaner?

Before answering if Folex is an enzyme cleaner or not it is best you understand what it means for a carpet cleaner to be an enzyme cleaner. First, an enzyme is a biological catalyst that speeds up a chemical  reaction. The enzyme used to produce enzymatic cleaners speeds chemical reaction by breaking down these  stains into non-toxic elements that are easily blotted from the stained area. These enzyme cleaners are non-toxic and biodegradable. So yes, Folex is an enzyme Cleaner. It breaks down stains  so that it can be cleaned off easily.


Folex Active Ingredient

The manufacturer’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) did not state the ingredients used to
produce it.

Is Folex Carpet Spot Remover Safe?

Although the MSDS does not state if it is carcinogenic or has a potential to be carcinogenic, Folex has affirmed the product to be non-toxic and safe for household use.


  • It is non-toxic: Folex is a water based carpet cleaner, it doesn’t cause any skin irritation. If you have kids or pet in your household there is no need to be worried about because it is safe.
  • It is odorless
  • CFC and petroleum-free
  • It does not attract dirt and dust like other carpet cleaners.
  • It can clean a wide range of stains.
  • It is cheap.


  • It only work great on a colorfast carpet or surface.

How To Use Folex Carpet Cleaner

Getting rid of tough stains on carpeting and other upholstery with the Folex carpet spot remover is very easy, whatever the stain may be.

Before you clean a stained spot on the carpet using Folex. It is best to test the carpet for color fastness and stability of your carpet’s fiber. To do this, you would need to apply a considerable amount of the Folex spray on your carpet in a hidden corner of the room and let it sit for a minute.

Place a paper towel or white cloth over the area and blot. If there is a color transfer from the carpet to the cloth you would need to stop because your carpet is not colorfast. It is best you rather use a non-bleaching carpet cleaner. If your carpet is colorfast, you can go ahead with using Folex carpet cleaner.

  1. First, apply the Folex spray on the identified spot. The heavier the stain the more Folex you will need to apply. But be careful not to allow it soak through to the backing of the carpet as it could transfer the stain to the backing.
  2. Agitate the stained spot using the handle of a spoon or your fingers.
  3. Blot up the spot with a clean cloth or a Paper towel.
Most stains are removed with a single application but when. you encounter a heavy stain, you should repeat the process for optimum performance.
Where To Buy Folex Carpet Cleaner
You can find Folex spot remover on the shelf of most department stores in your city. If you don’t mind buying online you can get it on Walmart and Amazon.

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