How To Get Coconut Oil Out Of Carpet

Coconut oil have a wide range of health benefits and usefulness in and around the home. From providing great fats that help support our bodies natural hormone production to being a natural moisturizer.  It can also provide the nourishment for hair growth, but apart from this it can be a nightmare cleaning oil stains from carpet especially old coconut oil stains.

When coconut oil is spilled on the carpet it leaves a fat-based stain that is both greasy and waxy.

If you spilled fresh coconut oil on your carpet, and you are looking for how to get coconut oil out of carpet, the first thing you need to do is to act immediately. Get into the kitchen and grab a dry paper towel (lots of kitchen towel) or any alternative you can find at home to blot out the oil.

The quicker you act, the easier it is to clean up the stain.

Avoid wiping the coconut oil to prevent it from spreading to other areas on the carpet.

Blot as much oil as you can to remove the excess oil. Do this by placing the dry paper towel on the oil and pressing the towel to the oil to absorb it. Repeat this process to soak up the coconut oil and to make sure you don’t have any visible extra oil on the surface.

How to get coconut oil out of carpet using an Oil stain remover

Spay/apply a generous amount of the oil stain remover and ensure that the stained spot is considerably saturated.

Gently agitate the stained spot with your fingers or the handle of a spoon.

Blot up the spot with a dry paper towel to absorb both the oil stain cleaner and the oil. Remember to not scrub or wipe the spot to prevent the stain from spreading.

Vacuum the area.

How to get coconut oil out of carpet with a soapy solution

Mix detergent or a liquid dishwashing soap with water to make a soapy solution. Be sure to check the ingredients of the detergent to be sure it doesn’t contain any bleach.

Bleach can cause discoloration to the carpet fibers.

Apply some soapy solution to the stained spots. You can use a sponge to do this. Soak part of the sponge with the solution and then squeeze the solution onto the stain. Make sure the solution finds its way into the stain, enough to saturate it.

Gently agitate the spot using your fingers or the handle of a spoon. Do not brush it.

Use a white paper towel to blot. Continue this until the coconut oil stain is removed.

Vacuum and the dry the spot.

How get oil out of carpet using Isopropyl Alcohol solution

Apply the Isopropyl Alcohol solution and rub against the spot.

Continuously use a clean paper towel to clean the stain. Blot as much of the stain until there is no stain left. Be careful not to let the stain spread.

Vacuum and dry.

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