How To Remove Gum From Carpet | 6 Homemade Methods That Works.

Chewing gums are kids favorite kind of candy. It is also enjoyed by adults. As a gum freak myself, having a bite of my favorite chewing gum help to keep my appetite at bay, relieve stress, and improve productivity. Although chewing gum is fun, that can quickly change when the gum gets stuck in your carpet. Whether on your car carpet or living room rug, gum stains can be very hard to remove from the carpet fibers especially when you have old dry gun residue deep down in the fibers.

Although some there are gum solvent that dissolves chewing gum, we have compiled a list 6 simple homemade  methods are that can be used to remove gum from carpet using household materials readily available at home.

How to remove gum with ice cubes.

This is probably the most common method used in removing fresh or wet sticky gum from carpeting.

In this technique the  idea is to freeze the sticky gum by using ice cubes (in a Zip Lock Bag) to make the gum hard and brittle by placing the ice pack on the gum. This will make it lose it’s hold on the carpet fibers. Afterwards a knife with a blunt edge is used to break the gum.

A butter knife or a even your kitchen spatula would be enough to scrape the hard gum from the carpet. And any residue gum ground in into the fibers are cleaned off using a washer or detergent.

Ice spray can be used as an alternative to remove gum stain from the affected carpet without ice cubes.

Materials needed

  1. Ice Cubes
  2. Zip Lock Bag (for the ice)
  3. A blunt knife,  spoon, or a tweezeru.
  4. A liquid laundry soap or 409


  1. Put some pieces of ice cubes in a Zip Lock Bag and tightly zip or seal the Bag. You don’t want water from the melting ice to spill on the carpet. Because it can cause the growth of mold.
  2. Place the bag on the gum and leave it for a couple of minutes until it is frozen or hard. This is so that the gum loses it’s stickyness and grip on the carpet’s fiber.
  3. Use a spoon or a tweezer or a scraping tool to scrap off the gum. Do not use a sharp instrument like a knife as this could easily damage the carpeting.
  4. Sponge the spot of the gum stain directly with a liquid laundry soap mixed with water to remove ground in gum stain and blot dry. Do not step on the area until it is dry.
  5. Repeat the process for a better results.  If you still have pieces of gum ground in the carpet fibers it is better to follow up the cleaning by brushing the fiber with a carpet brush before cleaning.

Hairdryer Method

Who would habe thought a hairdryer can be this handy when we have chewing gum stuck in the carpet.

I know this may sound surprising.

I was too but this hairdryer method works great in getting rid of old gum from carpets. The idea is to soften the old dry gum by applying heat directly to the gum – be careful not to scorch your carpet fibers – and then after the affected spot is cleaned out.

Materials Needed

      1. Hairdry
      2. Tweezers
      3. Dishwashing liquid


      1. Heat the affected spot directly with the hairdryer until the gum is soft. Do not heat the spot for too long so that you do not scorch your carpet fibers leaving behind heat ring marks on the surface.
      2. When the gum is soft use a tweezer to grasp or pull the gum from the carpet. If you don’t have a pair of tweezers at home a needle nose pliers or some small pinchy tool may serve as alternatives to get gum out of carpet. Continue until there is no gum left.
      3. Clean any patch of residual stain using liquid cleaning soap mixed with water. If the stain doesn’t leave add vinegar to get gum stain out of carpet. Wash as directed on the care label, rinse with clean water and blot dry.

How To Remove Gum From Carpet With Peanut Butter.

Peanut butter sandwich are are kids favourite but this fairly delicious spread isn’t just for school lunches.

I’ve been told quite alot by friends who had gum stain problems of how to remove gum carpet with peanut butter. It doesn’t just remove gum from carpet, peanut butter can also remove gum from a wide range of materials including fabrics. So if you incidentally get chewing gum stuck in your hair, your clothes, upholstery or even in your carpeting that jar of peanut butter in the refrigerator can save you a lot of efforts.

So what chemistry exist between gum and P.B and how does peanut butter remove gum from carpet?

This is what happens when Peanut butter is applied on the gum: When you rub the gum with P.B the oils in the peanut butter break down the hold of the gum to the carpet, removes it’s stickiness and make it easy to remove the gum from the carpet surface.


      1. Apply peanut butter on the gum and wait for some time for it to lose it’s stickiness.
      2. Add1 teaspoon of white vinegar to soapy water to clean off the residue peanut butter stain.
      3. Usea carpet cleaner to remove the residue ground in gum from carpet if you don’t have vinegar.
      4. Blot and dry.

How To Remove Gum From Carpet With Olive oil

If you thought this vitamin rich monounsaturated oil was only used for frying or salad dressing then you have to think again.

Thumbs up to Mrs H. for this method and the results was so remarkable.

Olive oil will remove gum from carpet especially old gum in carpet. So if you’re thinking of the best way on how to remove old black gum from carpet, this method will definitely come in handy. It also works on fresh gum as well.

Materials Needed

      1. Olive oil
      2. Scraping tool
      3. Dishwashing liquid


      1. Pour a little bit of olive oil onto a kitchen towel or a paper towel.
      2. Carefullyrub the oil on the old gum and around it to allow the oil saturate the gum.
      3. Graba blunt knife, or alternatively a spoon or spatula as our scaping tool
      4. Gentlyscraped just to get the oil really into the fibres and then rub it again a couple of times. And repeat until you have removed all ground in gum from carpet that is left.

To clean the oil stain on your carpet put some Bicarb Soda (baking soda) over the spot where you incidentally spilled the oil to soak it and rub it in.

Use a Vacuum cleaner to suck  it up.

Add some laundry liquid to warm water to form a soapy water mixture, apply to area and clean with a brush.

Blot with a kitchen towel or  a clean rug until it is dry.

How To Remove Gum From carpet With Hot vinegar

If you are dealing with old and hard to remove chewing gum stain on your carpet and may only have the good ‘ole white vinegar at home then this technique on how to get gum out of carpet with vinegar (with a twist) will come in handy.

Materials Needed

      1. Hot vinegar
      2. Toothbrush
      3. Dishwashing liquid


      1. Use a dull knife or spoon to break up the gum as much as possible and detach it from the carpet.
      2. Put  1/4 cup of white vinegar in a microwave safe bowl and heat in the microwave for 20 seconds.
      3. Poursome of the hot vinegar on the gum and allow it to completely cover the gum and allow it to sit for some time to dissolve gum.
      4. Geta toothbrush and brush it out to remove the residue ground in gum from carpet.

Still have stuborn gum stain residue laying around? Here is how to remove the residue ground in gum from carpet.

Rub a few drops of liquid dish washing soap or carpet cleaning solution into the  before washing to remove any leftover stains. Wash as directed on the care label or, if the gum is on carpet, rinse with clean water and blot dry.

If you don’t have any of the household products readily available at home you may want to check on local stores or Amazon.

For those who may want to try a gum solvent or degreaser, there are quite a few cheap gum solvents and degreaser that may work for you.

If you have your mind set for a cleaner or gum degreaser but have no idea of the best solvent for removing gum from carpet. I will gladly suggest two chewing gum cleaners that can help you get rid of gum from your carpet. Haven researched and experimented on various gum solvents for cleaning gum these two products actually comes to mind – WD-40 and Goo Gone. For less than 30 bucks.

Let us know what you think and also the method that worked best for you.

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