What Is Jute Backing In Carpet? All You Need To Know About Jute Back Carpet

The backing of a carpet is the underside or surface of the carpet lying underneath, and facing the floor. There are four common types of carpet backing you may come across in your search for an ideal carpeting for your home. And one of those carpet backings is the Jute Backing.

Carpets or rugs with jute backings are those which have their underside or backing made from jute fibers.

The fibers are long gold-like silky fibers produced from Corchorus plant, and are thrn spun into threads for making carpets and other textiles.

Sometimes the carpet nap or surface can be made with a different type of fiber while the backing is made with jute, or the made entire carpet can made from natural jute fibers.

For many decades, jute has been the most widely used natural fibers, followed by cotton and it is often considered to be the most durable carpet backing.

It is not surprising why jute backed carpet is more preferred among homeowners, Jute fibers are eco-friendly, strong, resilient and long lasting. But this trend is beginning to change as most jute back residential carpet are slowly being replaced by a more cheaper synthetic and other soft plastic alternative and is being restricted to higher end carpets. But I feel this should change.

A major reason jute backing is not widely used is because the plant used to make jute fibers are not grown everywhere, they are mostly cultivated in India and Bangladesh and imported into the US by carpet manufacturers. Because of this most carpet manufacturers incorporate cheaper jute alternatives.

Although, we can mostly find jute backing on higher end carpets these days, it is still one of the most durable backing yet.

Backing quality is the weakest link I see in when people want to buy a new carpet because it is hugely underated by carpet buyers. But you should know that backing quality is one of the most important factors in choosing the ideal carpeting for your home.

The myriad of carpet backing choices can leave questions like which backing is best or what carpet backing options are ideal for me?

But over time, jute has remained a time proven winner when it comes to quality and durability. That is why a jute back carpet will hold up for decades if not centuries!

Although, jute back carpet have its advantages, it has its issues too. Water can make it shrink or mold, and can make it wear out early because of that. If you install a carpet with jute backing on hardwood floor or concrete with tack strips it would pull the tackless out of the floor. So when you decide to go for jute back carpet, you should do more to avoid water leak or spill.

While jute might be the least expensive natural carpet fiber it is expensive compared to other backings. It is no surprise why jute carpets are used on carpets that are on a higher side.

Pros Of Jute Backing

  • It is eco-friendly and sustainable
  • It is durable and strong
  • Jute is the least expensive natural fiber but more expensive compared to synthetic.

Cons of Jute Backing

  • It is more expensive than synthetic backing
  • It can shrink or mold when it is wet
  • Shrinking can make it to pull the tackless up out of the floor

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